Official Prize Winner of Montreal's Festival

International Du Film Sur

L'Art for "Best Film Essay."

"Entertaining and thought-provoking."


"Who would have thought of this theme, which flows in a natural way across such diversity? A deep, profound pre-cognitive stream that goes unrecognized. These aren't eccentrics but people acting on something that most can't."

- Gary Lynch, Neuroscientist and Author of "Big Brain: The Origins and

Future of Human Intelligence"

"Have you ever heard Earth’s magnetic eld as melody or listened to a plant as part of a musical ensemble? What would an urban riot sound like if transcribed for string quartet? Can a piece of music be de ned by geographic rather than chronologic length? Through its examination of the role of environment in the creation of music, and the deeper exploration of the environments created by these sounds, the lm achieves its goal of nding meaning in music beyond mere aesthetic pleasure."

-Science Magazine

"A perfect amalgamation of the ways in which an individual's relationship with music can have a profound effect on the trajectory of their lives and their place in the world."


"An amazing debut film, densely compassionate and moving…

amid eye-opening, thoughtful philosophical meditations

over how vibrations moving through the air could so profoundly

affect bodies, brains and culture."

-OC Weekly

"As film, as an expression of a maturing idea

about how music engages original thesis

about art and life, director Steve Elkins'

work is inimitable."

-Dean C. Rown

Accidental Blogger

"Elkins shows with a subtle, essayistic style...

how avoidance of 'consensus music' allows

for deeper forms of affinity...these artists

plumb a sensus communis not deranged by

narcissism, nationalism, or profit motive...

[which] returns music to its origins as a mode

of understanding the natural and cosmic."

-Film Comment

"Coming soon to an intelligent theater near you."

-Alex Ross

The New Yorker

"This film will go straight into

the canon of important works concerning

art and its relationship to human

existence." "Mind-bending investigations

-Post Planetary into the outer reaches of

musical inspiration."

-Matthew Duerston, Stompbeast

"Groundbreaking. A must see."

-Tim Heidecker

On Cinema